DigiMilch Experimental Field

The Digimilch project (https://www.lfl.bayern.de/digimilch) has been set up to bring together different stakeholders to improve dairy farming through digital technology. 

The Chair of Agrimechatronics is part of the project tasked with improving tractor-implement communications through investigating the ISO11783 (ISOBUS) communications standard.

TUM is researching the performance of the ISOBUS Task Controller (TC), as well as other GNSS-enabled automation, devices which can take electronic control of a piece of agricultural equipment to make it apply product in a more efficient way (increasing yields). For this purpose, the tests are carried out with commercial ISOBUS components during slurry application on a Bavarian farm.


  • Improve slurry spreading for farmers (better application of slurry means that better yields are realised from the same volume of slurry).
  • Determine how well the performance of the TC works in its current form.
  • Identify potential future improvements for the ISO 11783 standard.