Welcome to the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology

With the mission “science for the industry and society of today and tomorrow” the chair of brewing and beverage technology conducts research and development at the highest level and educates students with the rigor demanded from a university of excellence. At the institute of brewing and beverage technology research and education is seen as mutually dependent and inseparable.

Research at the chair for brewing and beverage technology is primarily concerned with cereals and plant based raw materials in the context of (bio-)technology and/or process engineering. The goal of this research is to identify and understand the underlying mechanisms pertaining to producing of beers, drinks, as well as cereal based products in order to build a structured knowledge-base. The institute of brewing and beverage technology is driven to understand systems not only in principle, but specifically to understand processes such that appropriate process parameters can be derived and/or optimized.

At the chair of brewing and beverage technology it is important to find a balance, in language, thought, and action, between science and the innovative entrepreneurial spirit. In this vein it is thought that the methodological work carried out at the institute should also enrich other disciplines, such as tissue engineering, material science, or automation (eg. Industry 4.0).

If you are interested in the range of activities underway at the chair we invite you to contact us, either as a student who would like to partake in academic activities at the chair (bachelor, master, diploma or doctoral theses) or as an individual/company interested in our fields of research and development. We are happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact either Univ.-Prof. Thomas Becker directly or the relevant person in our team.